First Session of the Life Science Accelerator BW

First step towards owning your own company
Heidelberg, September 29,2017 – The Life Science Accelerator funding programme is launched today with the first module. In the workshop “The Art of Pitching”, eight selected teams practice presenting their ideas convincingly. 20 further modules will follow in the next twelve months. In this study, experts provide participants with tools to successfully set up a health business: developing ideas on business models, clarifying patent issues, analysing markets and securing finances.
Three founders from Heidelberg, Mannheim and Tübingen launched the large-scale Life Science Accelerator funding programme. “We accompany the teams for twelve months. Experts provide them with the necessary tools to make the leap from scientist to entrepreneur. Our professional advice accelerates the process and leads the start-ups to success,”says Markus Bühler, Startup Support Manager of the Heidelberg Technology Park.
It is immensely important to support the startups at an early stage:”Many startups fail because of the first hurdles. We pave the way for you with targeted advice. After one year, they are to present their concept to investors and thus secure the financing of their project – an important milestone,”adds Bodo Brückner, coordinator of the Life Science Accelerator Programme of the City of Mannheim.
The Life Science Accelerator is the last module of the three-stage Life Science Accelerator BW funding programme. In the first stage, medical needs are identified in the context of a “Needs Identification” module at research institutions and clinics. In the second module “MedTech Startup School”, students and scientists convert their ideas into business models. The intensive “Life Science Accelerator” qualification programme, the third module, helps existing teams to accelerate their formation.

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