Implacit wins the “Mannheimer Existenzgründerpreis MEXI 2020”

Implacit and Osapiens Services got the award MEXI 2020 at the 9th economic forum of the department for economic and structural support on the 5th of November. The theme of the night was “Mobility – a City in Motion”. The economic mayor Michael Grötsch handed over the award. According to him Osapiens Services and Implacit have succeeded because of their business concepts that are highly beneficial and promising. With the MEXI Award the city acknowledges the courage of the start-ups and supports them at their further development. The premium partners of MEXI are ‘Sparkasse Rhein Neckar Nord’ and the health company ‘Roche’. Both of them are very happy with the two start-ups. Dr. Ludger Bodenbach, head of manufacturing service and technology at Roche, who was part of the jury, said that with their software Implacit creates an individualized medicine which will define the future.

9. Wirtschaftsforum am 5. November 2019

The two young scientists Katharina Aschenbrenner and Lisa Wittmayer who founded Implacit in 2018 have the goal to make cancer therapy more efficient and gentle with the help of modern software algorithms. By doing so, the survival time and quality of life should be improved. The software, with the help of image data of each individual patient, gives the doctor in charge precise information where and how long radiation should be used in order to protect healthy tissue. The software is currently funded at the medical faculty in Mannheim of the university clinic Heidelberg through an EXIST-funding amounting to 1.2 million euros. At the end of 2020 Implacit plans to test the software clinically and extend it to different kinds of tumors.

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