Living Brain wins the EIT Headstart award!

EIT Health Belgium-Netherlands and EIT Health Germany recently announced their second round of Headstart 2019 funding, which will support 20 healthcare innovations. Start-ups backed with grants of up to €50 000 each include different types of digital assistants, for doctors, nurses or intensive-care patients; ultrasound and medical imaging innovations; a new solution for bedsore prevention; microneedle patches for drug intake; improved tests for Parkinson’s and melanoma; and more.

The EIT Health Headstart programme is designed to help start-ups and SMEs develop their healthcare innovations faster and better. While all EIT Health regional offices awarded Headstart 2019 grants to start-ups by the end of summer, EIT Health Belgium-Netherlands and EIT Health Germany also had a second round of funding. EIT Health Belgium-Netherlands announced the funding of an additional 11 start-ups on 9 December 2019, and EIT Health Germany announced the funding of an additional nine start-ups after a pitch contest on 13 November 2019. EIT Health Headstart funding provides early-stage healthcare companies and SME’s with non-dilutive funding to support the next steps towards the market and shorten time-to-market for innovative products and Services.

Living Brain: Uses virtual reality to accelerate cognitive rehabilitation in neurological patients.

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