Dr. Marcus Götz studied physics in Heidelberg and received his doctorate in 1996 with a thesis on medical laser physics. After the foundation of MRC Systems GmbH in Heidelberg, he took over the technology transfer of his research project into the company. MRC Systems GmbH is an innovative SME with products in medical and laser technology, which it distributes worldwide. The company was initially privately financed, at the turn of the millennium it received growth financing with venture capital and has been completely independent since 2003.
Mr. Götz initially worked as a project manager, later he increasingly took over the economic responsibility. He has been managing director of the company since 1999. In this function, he will mainly be responsible for R&D and product management as well as marketing and sales. He completed the St. Gallen Management Seminar for further training in business administration and organizational topics. In addition, he has experience in quality management and the approval of medical devices.