Kurt Schlegel is manager of IT Consulting and Innovation and expert of solutions in business management, specially in coaching, sparring, mentoring, and training of young entrepreneurs throughout the processes of invention and implementation of business. His consulting fields starts with roadmapping, innovation management models (e.g. Canvas, Design Thinking, MVP), strategy and marketing model, distribution, project management, corporate goals and sustainability. At end he supports project launches for investors and companies in establishing strategic partnerships.

Kurt Schlegel studied computer science and business management at the University of Stuttgart, Degree Diplom Informatiker. He works as free senior consultant in different areas of business, e.g. life science and health care, automotive, IT server provider, financial and logistics. He is expert in innovations Startup/Pitch at EIT Health Care Germany/Europe, innovations Startup and consolidations of small companies at bwcon, IT security and digitalization at RKW Hessen, honorary business senator project management, marketing/sale, controling, IT security and investment management at Senioren der Wirtschaft,  „wily old fox“ in project management at Daimler AG.