RADPRINT offers a novel radiation therapy technique for skin cancer patients. This technique uses 3D printing technology to create individualized skin brachytherapy applicators. The printed applicators are then filled with a beta source of radiation before applying to the patients. Beta radiation, in contrast to conventional x-ray and gamma radiation, has a very limited range in the tissue, less than 10 mm. Therefore, the bone and cartilage located beneath the tumor do not receive the radiation dose when the tumor is irradiated by the applicator. This way, the total lethal dose can be delivered to the tumor in one session and there is no need to fractionate the treatment course. This can bring a more comfortable situation for patients that are currently treated in multi-session courses. RADPRINT does not need any expensive radiation therapy systems, which makes its workstation affordable for hospitals.
Our team consists of a medical physicist (Ph.D.), a biomedical engineer (M.Sc.), and a physicist (B.Sc.). We also have 3 professors and 2 Ph.D.s with backgrounds in business, nuclear medicine, 3D printing, and mechanics in our advisory team.