Dr. Timo Kehl

Biosafety Professional at DKFZ

Timo Kehl’s passion is to share knowledge and to raise awareness for biosafety especially by showing the rationale behind rules and legal obligations. He believes a safe working environment fosters better & faster research results, fruitful cooperation and a more effective lab work. He transitioned from his postdoc position working on viral infections and epidemiology into the position as a Biosafety Officer at the DKFZ in 2013. After five years of intensive experience in this position he took over the management of the unit and since 2018 he is head of Biological Safety at DKFZ.

In his current position Timo Kehl is the connecting link between DKFZ scientists, the management board and the German authorities and officially represents the institute internally and externally in all aspects concerning Biosafety. Beyond that, Timo Kehl works as a consultant for different research companies in regards to Biosafety and lab management and also communicates on these topics as a speaker.