Our Mentors

Andrea Diewald

Executive Director Innovation, Investor & Startup Relations GACC New York

Peter Kuyt

Serious Brand Building

Katrin Lüdemann

Sales Coach

Dr. Michael Lüttgen

Business Strategy Consultant

Daniela Dietrich

Specialist Consultant Reimbursement Medical Devices

Dr. Thomas Wright
Managing Editor - The Australian Journal of Anthropology

Innovation strategist specialised in designing for behaviour change and trust

Dagmar Kownatka
Freelance healthcare consultant

Experienced healthcare manager

Dr. Ian Tidswell
Founder, Independent Consultant

Expert in designing and setting pricing

Victoria Danilchouk
Managing Director & Principal Consultant at Pretium Strategy

Expertise in commercial strategy, product management, and strategic market access

Priyata Kalra
Senior Scientist at Simulations Plus, Inc.

Priyata is a Modelling and simulations expert...

Lisa Wittmeyer
Consultant at Johner Medical

As a consultant at Johner Medical...

Jorge Juan Fernandéz García
Venture Partner

Jorge was Director of Innovation...

Dr. Timo Kehl
Biosafety Professional at DKFZ

Timo Kehl’s passion is to share knowledge and to...

Dr. Siegfried Ruppert
CEO/Founder of RUPPERT U.S. IP GmbH & U.S. Patent Attorney

Dr. Siegfried Ruppert practices in the area of U.S. intellectual...

Marc Lerchenmüller
Ass. Prof. Technological Innovation & Management Sc.

Prof. Dr. Marc Lerchenmüller holds the assistant professorship...

Peter Neske
Innovation Lead / Lead Pfizer Healthcare Hub

Over 30 years of pharmaceutical business experience...

Peter Hartung
Head of Consulting, Quality Management & Regulatory Affairs

Peter Hartung studied precision engineering...

Max Riedl
Head of ZEISS Innovation Hub 

Max Riedel heads the ZEISS Innovation Hub...

Laura Hausmanns
Business Strategy Consultant

Laura Hausmanns has a broad international experience...

Kai Grunwald
Lawyer and partner at Weitnauer

Kai Grunwald advises clients in all matters of business-...

Johan de Ruiter
Owner of Achim Kunze GmbH

Johan de Ruiter is owner of Achim Kunze GmbH...

Georg Fischer
Chief Product Manager SAP Business Technology Platform

Georg is a passionate business professional...

Frank Rust
CEO of summerrust GmbH

As an Innovation Consultant, Frank always aims for the sweet...

Eric Schaber
CEO at Pharmact GmbH

Eric Schaber brings more than 26 years of experience in...

Dr. Volker Stadler

Dr. Volker Stadler studied Chemistry in Heidelberg...

Dr. Susanne Kuhlendahl
Founder at Marcommotion

Dr. Susanne Kuhlendahl studied biology in Würzburg and Bremen...

Dr. Shamus Husheer
CEO at Heartfelt Technologies Ltd

Dr. Husheer is a recidivist entrepreneur...

Dr. Philipp Bollacher
Certified Commercial and Corporate Lawyer

Commercial and Corporate Law; Mergers & Acquisitions...

Dr. Milena Charnitzky
Partner at RITTERHAUS Rechtsanwälte

The focus of Dr. Milena Charnitzky’s work lies in civil and...

Jan Adams
Company Creation @ Apollo Health Ventures

With a career spanning venture investing,...

Ingmar Gergel
CEO mbits imaging GmbH

Dr. Ingmar Gergel was awarded his diploma in medical informatics...

Dr. Gitte Neubauer
Founder & Managing Director of Cellzome

Dr. Gitte Neubauer is one of the scientific founders of Cellzome...

Dr. Claus Kremoser
CEO of Phenex Pharmaceuticals AG

Claus Kremoser studied biochemistry at the Universities...

Dr. Christoph Schröder
Founder and CEO of Sciomics GmbH

Dr. Christoph Schröder studied molecular biotechnology at the...

Dr. Annette Deichmann
Managing Director GeneWerk GmbH

Dr. Annette Deichmann is a graduate biologist and...

Dr. Steffen Luntz
Coordination Centre for Clinical Trials

Steffen P. Luntz is a medical doctor and board certified...

Dr. Markus Wilhelms
CEO & Co-Founder of usMIMA & MOWOOT

Markus studied biology at the Universities of Hannover (LUH)...

Dr. Jernej Zupanc
Seyens Ltd.

Dr. Zupanc's passion is to study and teach how to visually present complex messages...

Dirk Nachtigal
Venture Capital Consulting

Dirk studied Economics at the universities of Göttingen and Hamburg...

Dr. Daniel Schaft
Australian Patent and Trademark Attorney

Dr. Daniel Schaft was awarded a doctorate from the University of Giessen for his biochemical...

Austeja Subaciute
Strategic Marketing Consultant

Austeja is a Consultant at Garrison Marketing Group, a strategic marketing consultancy...

Dr. Andrea Kranzer
Business Angel

Dr. Andrea Kranzer is an angel investor, investing in IT- and healthcare startups...