Life Science Accelerator Baden-Württemberg
Your accelerator to fast-track your life science startup

What do we offer?

12-month accelerator

you can start the program in February or September

Two Semester Seminar Cycles

that you can attend (starting in February and September)

Individualized training program

with our mentors & experts

Clear life science focus

access to life sciences specific resources

Tailored mentorship

for content-related issues

Individualized expert sessions

as part of the program

Strong network

of mentors, corporates, industry experts & investors

Pitch events

with investors, corporates and industry partners

Free program

We don’t ask for any equity and you pay zero fees.

We have one goal in mind

Get your life science startup off the ground! And we know that every life sciences startup is different, so we work with each team individually to help solve whatever their current challenges are.

What do you need to know about the program?

Your Life Science Accelerator Baden-Württemberg building blocks because every startup journey is different:


Your Accelerator Coordinator

Your accelerator coordinator is your main contact. From application to the program until the final pitch event, your coordinator will guide you through all stages.

When admitted to the program, the coordinator will develop a tailored training program and provide you with a suitable mentor. Your coordinator will always be by your side and advise if problems arise or circumstances change.

Your Accelerator Coordinator


Your Accelerator Mentor

Each team gets his or her own mentor who is selected together with your coordinator. He or she mentors you and your team on content-related issues and connects you to their network. You and your mentor decide on how intensively you work together.

Learn more about our mentors


Your Accelerator Experts

For specific issues that you cannot solve together with your mentor, your coordinator connects you with a suitable expert.

Learn more about our expert seminars


Your Acceleration Seminars

Your individualized training program includes three seminar series each semester. Each seminar series includes workshops in Business Modelling, Design Thinking and Pitch Training which you should attend once.

Additionally you can attend workshops on strategy and finance, market, law as well as team and sustainability. These seminars vary from semester to semester. It is not necessary to attend all twelve seminars but a minimum number is required to successfully complete the program.

Our individualized training program


The grand Finale of the Program: Investor Pitch!

After two semesters, teams who are investment-ready have the opportunity to pitch in front of investors and secure funding. You can benefit from our unmatched network of industry investors, business angels as well as corporate and program partners.

Learn more about our pitch training

Who can apply?

We welcome teams from any BioTech, MedTech and digital health startups who need support and guidance getting investment-ready. You are working in a team, have an elaborated idea or prototype and plan to found in Baden-Württemberg or have already done so?

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BioTech Teams

MedTech Teams

Digital Health Teams

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Seminar building blocks

Business Modelling

  • Business modelling is a useful first step to advance your startup/innovative idea/product. Our excellent mentors will help to solve your strategic challenge, create future value and critically analyse your pitch deck.

  • The second step of the workshop is to turn your concept into a viable business model using Business Model Canvas.

Goals of this workshop

  • To develop a business model as the basis of your startup activities

  • To develop a business model to help you understand, analyse and communicate the key factors of a successful product

Design Thinking

  • Design Thinking is an innovative method that allows teams to gain a deep understanding of their customers and to tap into additional business segments.

  • For example, Design Thinking helps the teams to concretize their idea, validate the feasibility and check the profitability of the idea.

Goals of this workshop

  • Design Thinking takes the human perspective as a starting point and achieves practical results by doing so.

  • With Design Thinking, the founders are able to design innovative products and services that are not only attractive but also realizable and marketable.

Pitch Training

  • Pitch training gets the teams ready for future presentations in front of investors (project owners, business angels, venture capital companies, etc.).

  • In this training not only the “pitch-deck” is created or optimized together, but also the personal presentation skills of the teams are improved.

Goals of this workshop

  • Founders have to present their idea to investors, business angels and other stakeholders.

  • How good your own pitchdeck is, can therefore be essential and should therefore be learned.


  • The participants are prepared for the requirements and challenges of market entry in various seminars (CE certification). Building on this, the participants will be able to explore the market, analyze the competition and position themselve towards it.

  • A seminar in strategic marketing also addresses the possibilities of internationalization and deals in particular with the markets of China and the USA.

  • Another seminar introduces the participants to sales and professional handling of customers and enables them to adapt to changing customer requirements.

Goals of this workshop

  • The participants will use the seminars to successfully and efficiently manage market entry and to be equipped with the necessary competences in order to establish themselves in the long term on the market.

  • In addition, the participants will be made aware of the possibilities of internationalizing their company so that the business potentials can be fully exploited.

  • After all, the participants will be trained to work with the customer and to build a successful sales organization.


  • The legal principles of corporate law are conveyed to the teams.

  • In addition, the teams are given an overview of the possibilities and necessities to protect innovations (patent law).

  • They gain insight into the patent system, as well as an introduction into the basics of the utilization by licensing and other forms of contracts.

Goals of this workshop

  • As soon as the company is founded, company agreements are concluded. The teams should understand this contract in its basics, in order to be able to represent their interests profoundly.

  • Furthermore, the teams will be enabled to recognize possibilities to protect their technology in order to guarantee long-term competitive advantages.

  • Finally, the seminar licensing law enables the participants to become aware of the exploitation forms of their innovation and thus contribute to the success of the company.

Finance & Strategy

  • A seminar in Finance gives participants the basics of internal and external accounting, as well as an overview of subject controlling.

  • In addition, another seminar deals with the most important questions about when, with whom, how and how much regarding the funding of the startup.

  • Lastly, a focus is on strategic management, providing participants with knowledge about strategic planning, environmental and competition analysis.

Goals of this workshop

  • The participants should be able to keep an eye on the finances of their company and to take comprehensive strategic measures.

  • In addition, the participants will be prepared for upcoming funding rounds and decisions.

Team & Leadership

  • Each team needs specific qualities and abilities to increase the performance of the startup. The participants will be trained to analyze themselves and, in addition, to acquire employees who can advance the success of the startup.

  • In addition, sustainable management styles will be discussed and the participants sensitized to their role as managing directors. These include leadership competencies, as well as an awareness of sustainable action in all three pillars of sustainability (economic, ecological, social).

  • A negotiation seminar is intended to enable the future managers to conduct negotiations and to appear confidently in front of investors and other negotiating partners.

Goals of this workshop

  • The seminars are intended to provide the participants with the competences needed to lead a startup as an organizational unit and an economic company.

  • Their focus on the required qualities and abilities is to be sharpened and the participants are finally empowered to acquire the right employees.

  • At the same time, participants should understand the relevance of sustainable action and be motivated to contribute these ideas to their own enterprise.

  • Finally, the seminars enable the participants to represent the interests of the start-up in negotiations.

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