Dr. Markus Wilhelms

CEO & Co-Founder of MOWOOT

Markus studied biology at the Universities of Hannover (LUH) and Berlin (HUB) and received his PhD in molecular microbiology from the University of Barcelona (UB). After the PostDoc, he was awarded a scholarship for the first European edition of MOEBIO’s designHEALTH Barcelona, an innovative program to establish companies in the health care sector, inspired by the “Biodesign” method of Stanford University (SU), and completed various business and management courses at renowned universities such as EADA, IESE (Barcelona) and Judge Business School (Cambridge).

Together with three other MOEBIO Fellows, he founded the medical technology start-up company usMIMA in November 2014 and developed MOWOOT, a non-pharmacological, non-invasive solution for chronic constipation in the form of a Class IIa medical device. MOWOOT has been on the market since October 2016.

His company has received 2.2 million euros in capital from private investors and in the form of public subsidies and has received several international awards for innovation in the field of medical technology.

Markus is a mentor and lecturer in various international programs for entrepreneurship, innovation and health and has a large network of contacts.
Special Expertise in: Lean-Startup; Funding (Bootstrapping/Seed/Public/SeriesA); Pitch Presentations; Business Plan; Value Proposition & Business Model for Startups; Leadership; Management of Multidisciplinary Teams; Medical Device.