Dr. Shamus Husheer

CEO at Heartfelt Technologies Ltd

Dr. Husheer is a recidivist entrepreneur.

He has founded, fund-raised and managed multiple companies based on technologies invented by himself and others. He designed and developed one of the first FDA-approved “wearable health”/”digital health” consumer medical devices, one of the first crowdfunding companies, and one of the first businesses based on a facebook app, raising over £7 million for these three companies and leading teams of over 30 in roles all the way from CEO to general lackey (often both at the same time).

His academic background is in the physical sciences (chemistry, physics, engineering, electronics, software development), with research experience in this area during both a Masters at Otago University and a PhD at the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Husheer uses entrepreneurship to maximise the impact of ideas – he is presently both CEO of a cardiovascular medical device company, and mentoring several other projects and young companies.

Specialties: A technologist and inventor turned CEO/CTO, with a track record in Angel and VC fundraising (12 rounds in 5 companies), rapid commercialisation of technology (paper through prototype, medical approvals, trials and direct-to-consumer sales in 18 months), and business development (securing distribution through the UK’s largest pharmacy chain).